How to use dynamic data to determine parallel worksteps

Posted by rsturing on 13-Dec-2010 04:21

Hello all,

I have another issue, which maybe is a more complex one compared to my previous questions.

Before developing with Savvion we used the tool Teamworks. In Teamworks we are used to develop parallel worksteps as "multi instance looping" that spilt tasks to different users. For one of our customer processes I made a comparable process (with help of a subprocess) in Savvion. So far so good and this works fine. But now I want to make the 'next step'. The next step in this part is to use dynamic data. What is dynamic data?

This to determine to number of parallel tasks dependent of the users (coming from the Savvion user management database) selected in a screen.

Attached I have a document in which the situation in Teamworks and the recent situation in Savvion is descriped.

I hope someone have some tips en tricks how to deal with that.

Thanks in advance!!

FYI: I have some experience in creating DB adapters and making statements on the existing users in the database with help of this adapters. 

Multi instance looping in Teamworks.doc

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Posted by pzuwekar on 13-Dec-2010 07:27

Could you please let us know your feasible time and contact details so that i can call you to discuss this requirement.

Thank you,


Posted by rsturing on 13-Dec-2010 08:25

Hi Parshuram,

Wednesday I'm at the office again to discuss this issue.

I'm available from GMT (+1) 9:00 - 17:00. I don't know in which timezone you're. Maybe you can find yourself a suitable time.

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