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We are currently making a process for delivering a house. During the final delivery the constructor with the buyer is checking the house. In case problems are found, these need to be addressed to the correct person. We call this process: Digital Delivery.

Now we want to be able to link attachments to a delivery point but we don't know how to deal with this.

Let my try to explain using an example:

The constructor starts the process and fills the projectnumber, date and some other general data. During the check, he adds several delivery topics. Actually: delivery lines. For each line it must be possible to add an attachment (e.g. photo).

After filling all data and delivery lines, the process continues. For each delivery line a task is generated. When this delivery line has an attachment, this must be visible in this task too (not at the other tasks).

Once all these tasks are finished, the constructor get a new task to check everything.

Question: how can I link an attachment to a line on my screen and use this attachment in a new task?

Or may be you have other suggestions? I hope you understand what I mean. Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact me.


René Bosman

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Posted by pzuwekar on 08-Dec-2010 10:24

this may be possible using url dataslot and document dataslot. Where url dataslot will have document dataslot url like,


Could you please let me know your contact details and i will try to reach you to discuss this further. You may call me on 408-330-3111 and ask for Parshuram.

Posted by Admin on 13-Dec-2010 12:49

Hi Parshuram,

In the mean time we did some thinking too ;-) We decided to solve it in another way.

We will store the document in our own DMS (we have a webservice for that purpose). If later in the process it is required to show the document again, we retrieve the document from the DMS. In the process itself we only have to keep the ID of the DMS document.

So, this problem is solved by using another solution.

Thanks anyway for your help.

Best Regards,


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