How to invoke an include (with a picture) using 'onChang

Posted by rsturing on 14-Dec-2010 06:42


We are trying to invoke an include and try to fill this include with a picture.

For the picture link we would like to use a dataslot value.

Untill now we succeeded to load and show a picture by an OnLoad action of the form. But we would like to use an dataslot value that is known after a user have made a choice in the form. Based on this choice a particular picture has to be loaded in the include.

I have added some screens prints of this case.

We hope someone knows how and what to do.

Thanks in advance!


Danny and René

Use include by onChange dataslot value.doc

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Posted by rsturing on 14-Dec-2010 08:10


We made some progress.

We discovered that the statement we used is correct and works fine with the onChange. We changed the onChange in an onFocus. So after focusing the textField the correct picture is shown.

But we would like that the picture will be loaded automatic after selecting it from the grid (as a database value).

How to do that?


Danny and René

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