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Posted by DannyGeerts on 09-Dec-2010 03:45

We have a WebApplication but still want an Login.

So we want to start the application with a login page (that contains the users in Savvion). Is there an example?



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Posted by pzuwekar on 10-Dec-2010 06:00

There is a feature to add security/BPM Portal Login page security for web applications and this needs BizPass filter url mapping of the web application in web.xml file of sbm web application,

Please refer topic "Adding Security with BizPass" from Customization Guide. Let me know if you face any problem and I will look into this further.

Adding Security with BizPass

A Web (formerly BizSolo) Application can be accessed by typing in its URL in the Address bar of your

browser. You can use BizPass to design a Login page that will provide an additional level of security to

accessing your Web applications, as shown in the following procedures.


Open the web.xml file under the sbm\WEB-INF directory of your application server. For example,

the path is




Go to Filter Mappings > BizPassFilter and define a deployment descriptor to create a

Login page for a specific Web Application — in this case, BS_Approval_Ver2, as shown in the

following sample.




To create a Login page for all your Web Applications, define the following deployment descriptors.



5. Restart portal server for the changes to take place.

Posted by DannyGeerts on 14-Dec-2010 06:57

Thanks Parasuram,

This works great



Posted by DannyGeerts on 14-Dec-2010 08:43

One other question that is a following question of this one....

i want to put the logincode into a dataslot.

i expected it would be in BIZSITE_USER but its not. how do i get it in there??



Posted by pzuwekar on 14-Dec-2010 08:51

you may use in jsp page or in the pre/post script of a web application use(BPM Studio>Template>Double click on workstep>)>Advanced tab>Before Activation,

bean.setPropString('dataslot name', bizSite.getCurrentUser());

Refer customization guide.

Thank you,


Posted by DannyGeerts on 15-Dec-2010 09:24


Exactly what i wanted!

Thank you,


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