How to change width of combobox

Posted by sbosma on 15-Dec-2010 08:34

Is it possible to change the width of a combo box ?

If so, please explain how to change the width.

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Posted by sandips on 15-Dec-2010 10:04


Try adding combobox from basic controls instead of advanced controls and apply CSS to the entire form.



Posted by sbosma on 16-Dec-2010 06:59

I've added a document explaining the question more in detail.

Posted by sngo on 22-Dec-2010 14:17

I agree with Sandip as setting the css is the easiest way around this.  Below is one possible solution.

1. Create a css file and add a rule that searches for any select tag with the "ApInptSelect" class and has a parent tag td.  I set the width to 50px but change it to suit your needs.

td select.ApInptSelect {
    width: 50px;

2. Import the css to the project.  This can be done from the Forms Editor and doing the following menu action.

  • Tools > Style Sheet Links... > Click "New" button in the dialog that opens
  • This will open a File dialog and select the new css file.

3. Deploy the application

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