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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 22-Dec-2010 17:44

What is the time time for being able to use an OpenEdge database as the respository for Savvion?

What is the roadmap for improved Savvion/OpenEdge interaction?

Are there any plans for supporting Savvion events in Apama?

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Posted by ttalboom on 23-Dec-2010 06:39

The OpenEdge database will be usable for Savvion with release 7.6.1 of Savvion, which is scheduled for March 2011*. As for the improved interaction, could you be a bit more specific?

What kind of "Savvion" events do you mean?

*subject to change

Posted by wilner on 23-Dec-2010 10:16

As Theo points out we are targeting Savvion 7.6.1. and OE 10.2BXX (don't know the service pack number) for Savvion support for the OE database with a March 2011 release date.  It is looking like we will make that date, but like any publically stated release date it's subject to change.

As to tighter integration between OE and Savvion, as we have stated in multiple public forums, the OE BPM integration is a multi-phase project.  Phase 1 is the database as discussed above.  Phase 2 is targeting OE 10.2BXX and OE 11 and will be coming out towards the end of 2011.

Formal planning for Phase 2 is on-going, but hasn't changed much from what I have already stated publically.  It will largely be based on improving the developer experience by making it easier to call Savvion from OE and to call OE from Savvion.  For example, we most certainly will provide a Savvion managed adapter for the OE AppServer so you can call the AppServer without using Web services.  This will be conceptually similiar to the Sonic ESB adapter that we already have for the OE AppServer. We most certainly will be providing the Savvion API within the ABL so that you can call SAvvion from the ABL without having to use complex XML data structures.  Rather the API would look like a native API within the ABL and will use ABL native datatypes. We are looking at providing a ProDataSet to Savvion Business Object mapper that makes it easy to define a ProDataSet based on a BO definition, or define a BO based on a ProDataSet definition.We are looking at the Eclipse environments, and want to make sure that when you are using BPM Studio and OE Architect in the same Eclipse environment you get as seemless experience as possible,

If there specific other things you would like to see, please let me know.

With all of the above, the standard disclaimer applies.

As to Savvion/Apama interoperability, as part of Savvion 7.5, Savvion provides an Apama managed adapter that makes it realtively simply to pass an event to Apama in a standard formt based on selected dataslot values.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 23-Dec-2010 16:55

That gives me a reasonable view for now, I think.  Thanks.

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