How to invoke an adaplet (managed webserviceadapter) on a fo

Posted by DannyGeerts on 23-Dec-2010 04:58


I'm busy with make some businesslogics on a form.

Before the form i do a webservice call to our ERPsystem (Metacom). And getting a list of projects.

The performer gets a combobox with projects he or she can choose from.

Once they made a choise i want to invoke an managed webservice adapter again to get a list of Subprojects that are part of that specified project that is selected (on change of the dropdownlist)

I put in a sample of our MetacomAdapters. Need more? please ask me.

Thanks en regards,


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Posted by sandips on 23-Dec-2010 05:09

Hello Danny,

i think you need to invoke a webservice through javascript meaning in AJAX call.

Let me check if i have any example demonstrating your requirement.



Posted by DannyGeerts on 23-Dec-2010 05:18

Hi Sandip,

Thanx for the quickreply!

How do i call an ajax-service??

for the example, what do you need??

(cause you won't have the integration)



Posted by sandips on 23-Dec-2010 05:31

Hi Danny,

Can you check the Adaplet section in Tutorial 9 Using Adaplets in Form Editor in Toturiol guide under $BPM_HOME\eclipse\plugins\\docs\guides directory ?



Posted by DannyGeerts on 23-Dec-2010 08:01


if i understand the tutorial, i have to use DBadapters. And thats not what i want to do.

i can't find anything about an ajax-service

As you can see in the picture i have 2 fields. Secondfield is Sub Project and that one i want to update with the adapter (toMap or toList)



Posted by sandips on 23-Dec-2010 23:11

Hello Danny,

PFA sample application which invokes a webservice adaplet ondbclick event of button in the form

steps to execute:

1.Import both the applications in BPM studio

2.Deploy WebService application and publish it as a webservice.

3.Deploy/Install the second application to SBM servers.

4.Go to BPM Portal and create a ProcessInstance.

5.Go to your task list page wherein you will see a task listed.

6.Click that Activity to open the task.

7.Enter the values for Savvion User_id and password  and click OK button

Result: Inputs values are used and a webservcie is invoked basically connect method is invoked which returns an output value i. e sessionid

Referning to this  sample, i belive that you will be able to meet your requirement. In case you get stuck , do not hesitate to write back or call on Regular support number i.e

(408) 330 3111.

Posted by DannyGeerts on 04-Jan-2011 06:49

Hello Sandip,

Happy New Year!

I had a few days off.

On Stepnr 2 i get stuck. Got the next error (see file)

What to do?!?!



Posted by sandips on 04-Jan-2011 07:48

Hello Danny,

Happy New Year to you and to your Family!!

The error indicates that you are unable to build and deploy the application. Please let me know convenient time so that i can call you or you may call regular support number. I am avaible right now. If its suitable than we can have webex meeting to quickly narrow down and resolve the issue.

BTW did you tried my sample application ?

Best Regards,


Posted by DannyGeerts on 04-Jan-2011 08:00

Webex is a good idea.. i have a RDP to the customer.

Don't know of it works.

And yes.. it was your little application i want to test that one. So i can try to use the idea in my model.

How can we set up a Webex??

Let's do this tomorrow (5 jan)

Posted by sandips on 04-Jan-2011 10:07

Hello Danny,

Sure, please let me know your convenient timeframe tommorrow so that i can make myself availble to have webex meeting.Please also mention your timezone as well. I am in IST(Indian Standard Time). Tommorrow at around 8:00 p.m (IST) evening would be fine with me. Please confirm.

Regarding webex, i will initate it from my end and you will be able to join i believe.

Thanks & Regards,


Posted by DannyGeerts on 06-Jan-2011 01:28

Hello Sandip,

I misted your answer yesterday.

Hope we can set it up today! Today i'm at the customer site.

Can you mail me or call me if your ready to set up the Webex?


Thanks and Regards,


Posted by pvora on 06-Jan-2011 02:06

Hi Danny,

As we discussed over call, you ale to move forward and resolve deployment.

call us at 408 - 330 -3111 for any further queries.



Posted by DannyGeerts on 06-Jan-2011 02:22


I tryed and came a little further.

But Sandip gave me the zipfiles but the process refers to:

I can't reach this wsdl.

And i don't understand what i have to get if i fill in the UN en PW.

What i try to do is to get an list of projects first. And if i choose an other project from the dropdown, i want to get the subprojects that are only from that specified project.



Posted by DannyGeerts on 06-Jan-2011 02:33

maybe its better to look with me by Webex

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