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I know that it is possible to receive a mail for a task. In this mail you could have a link to this task (URL). But I'm wondering if it is also possible to have the content of the task (data) in the mail itself and react on the reply of the user. So, the user can approve or disapprove via the mail reply instead of running the task? And if this is possible, is it also possible to have a more complex way of handling tasks by filling fields in the mail and replying that so the tasks will be automatically handled using the data from the mail?

If this all is possible, do you have an example for this?

Thanks for your reaction.


René (B)

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Posted by sandips on 11-Jan-2011 21:18

Hello Rene,

SBM does fulfils your requirement of sending dataslots in the body content. Also, it provides you the provision of desiging your custom form that should be sent to the user. For more information regaridng the same, please refer Chapter 24 Email Templates for Task Completion in Bizlogic Developer's Guide under $BM_HOME\eclipse\plugins\com.savvion.studio.resources_7.5.1.200910070519\docs\guides directory.

FYI. below are the configuration steps.


Follow the  below steps to configure SBM to send an email to the performer and complete if answered.

1. Stop all the servers.
2. Modify the following parameters as shown below
    In bizlogic.conf file,


    In sbmemail.properties file,kindly consult your System Administration for the appropriate values,


    In Emailer.ini file,


3. Re-start ALL the servers.
4.  Deploy a simple application with start-->Activity 1(with "send mail  to performer and complete if answered" CHECKED)-->End. Ensure to add  some dataslot in the Activity.
5. Create a ProcessInstance and check  if the performer of the workstep receives an email with subject as  "sbm#Assigned Task "
6. Now you may reply to the email received.
7. Check for the tasks with that performer at portal which should have got completed.




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