Class com.savvion.BizSolo.beans.BSObject not found

Posted by hromkes on 13-Jan-2011 11:12

I created a class which extends com.savvion.BizSolo.beans.BSObject.

The project compiles fine.

However I cannot deploy the project.

The logfile bizlogic.log shows the following error:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ERROR: Failed to read bytes from the file <com.savvion.BizSolo.beans.BSObject> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: FCLResourceManager.getResourceContent: The class <com.savvion.BizSolo.beans.BSObject> is not found

So it seems that the classloader cannot find bizsolo.jar.

I could copy bizsolo.jar to my project, but shouldn't bizsolo.jar be allready available at the server?

On the server bizsolo.jar is in the following directories:



Why is bizsolo.jar not loaded by the class loader?

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Posted by sandips on 13-Jan-2011 21:29

Hello Hendrek,

Please send me you application/project in zip format.



Posted by hromkes on 17-Jan-2011 05:18


I created a simple project which has the same problem.

Kinkd Regards,


Posted by sandips on 17-Jan-2011 22:35

Hello Hendrik,

Can you try to implement the same in a bizsolo application ? I think it should work with our any issue.

Currently, I am investigating the issue and will update you ASAP.



Posted by hromkes on 18-Jan-2011 06:35


I created a bizsolo application with the same object.

I don't get a deployment error annymore.

But now another problem appears:

When I start the application, the followning error is shown on the screen:

  My BSObject: Please implement getHTML() for this custom object

To test getHTML()  I added a dataslot HTMLString.

HTMLString is filled in the first workstep by calling getHTML.

Show HTML String only shows this dataslot on the screen.

Show HTML String works fine, so getHTML()  seems to work fine.

However, at the workstep ShowObject I still get the error

  My BSObject: Please implement getHTML() for this custom object

I don't understand why.

I uploaded the code with this post.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards,

Hendrik Romkes

Posted by hromkes on 27-Jan-2011 02:59


Did you allready find a solution for this problem?



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