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Posted by sundeep.dornadula on 01-Feb-2011 01:00


I need details about the evaluation versions of the savvion and features of savvion versions. I  have tried in the progress home website but didnt find it any where.

Can any one tell me where can we get the details?

Thanks in Advance.


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Posted by sandips on 01-Feb-2011 01:20

Hi Sundeep,

Can you  check if you are able to download evaluations installables from



Posted by sundeep.dornadula on 01-Feb-2011 01:40

Hi Sandip,

Thanks for your reply. I am not able to access the downloads, Its requesting for ESD account.

I dont want to download the content but i want the information about the savvion versions.

like current version, past versions with features.

also could you please suggest me where i can get the details about Progress Savvion BPM Suite evaluation versions? In downloads page i can only find evaluation download of savvion process modeler.



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