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Posted by heideSavvion on 03-Mar-2011 14:46

What would be the migration path for an existing application on Savvion 5.03 to get to a current version?   Is there any sort of migration documentation and known issues for migrating from 5.03 along the migration path for this sort of an upgrade? 


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Posted by pvora on 18-Mar-2011 03:18

Possible migration path from SBM 5.0SP3 to latest SBM 7.6 is as below:

SBM 5.0 SP3 to SBM 6.5 SP2

SBM 6.5 SP2 to SBM 7.5

SBM 7.5 to SBM 7.5 SP2

SBM 7.5 SP2 to SBM 7.6


Preeti Vora

Progress | Savvion Product Support Team

Posted by pvora on 18-Mar-2011 03:20

I forgot to mention  that these migration tools can be made available. Please contact to make these migration tools available.



Posted by heideSavvion on 18-Mar-2011 17:57

Thank-you! I will be getting the software to begin this upgrade.

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