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Posted by on 21-Mar-2011 13:51

I am trying to create an application that will pull data from an excel spreadsheet into dataslots.  We want to be able to enter records of information and store them with an instance. Then we would like to bring that information up on any form with editing capability.
Is there an adapter, dataslot or advanced control that can act like a spreadsheet/table? We tried this with the grid advanced control and the excel adapter, but it seems both do not allow you to add rows/columns (for larger data sets, for example).
Any ideas?

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Posted by vpandey on 08-Apr-2011 07:48

Hello Denise,

Currently the grids and tables type which you can create out of an adaplet are non-editable in the SBM. If any thing like such you want to be editable you can use object dataslot to

hold the data of spread sheet and try renderring it on the portal implementing the IHtml interface.

Thank You,
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Posted by on 08-Apr-2011 08:26

Can you send a sample application or is there a sample application in Savvion that shows an example of this?

Thank you!

Posted by vpandey on 11-Apr-2011 04:41

Hello Denise,

I dont have the any such samples readily available with me, however you can check the one that comes up bundled with BPMStudio.

Check the following:



Applications are there which can be helpful in your case.



Posted by on 11-Apr-2011 12:36

Thank you Vikas. I'll look at those test applications.

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