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Posted by ramkumar7800 on 07-Apr-2011 23:42


I have created dashboard widgets in bizlogic processes via BPMStudio and deployed projects on pramati server.After that I configured the dashboards in portal but they are not visible.

I have tried IE 6.0 and IE 8.0 but problem still exists.I have changed setting of IE to display activex objects but nothing is visible.

Please suggest way to achieve it?


Ram Sharma

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Posted by vpandey on 08-Apr-2011 07:41

Hello Ram,

- Make sure you have a flash player in the system you accessing the portal.

- Check the error console for any kind of script related error.

- Also check the portal console for any error.

- Finally try loading the dashboard in another browser such as firefox to narrow down if there is problem with browser. There can be issue with the query in the widget.xml file, so what is the message you get when you say add component for this widget on the portal. Does it says "Loading..." or a complete blank screen.

Thank You,

Posted by ramkumar7800 on 09-Apr-2011 06:20

Hi Vikas,

The server on which this Savvion is running has only IE8.0 and other borwsers are not permitted.Along with that Savvion default dashboard widgets are also not visible.

The queries used in widget.xml file are correct.Please suggest way so that it can be solved.


Ram Sharma

Posted by vpandey on 11-Apr-2011 04:37

Hello Ram,

It is not needed to check for the different browser in the same machine, to narrow down the porblem you may access the URL for the server login through

different machine where you could have firefox. The theme is differentiate that is this a problem with client browser or something from server side is causing

issue. You can send the bpmportal.log trace just at the time you access the dashboard.



Posted by ramkumar7800 on 21-Apr-2011 22:36

Hi Vikas,

That machine is not accessible from URL because it is at Mumbai location.I can work with IE only there.I installed IE 8.0 but still savvion default dashboards are not visible on portal.


Ram Sharma

Posted by vpandey on 28-Apr-2011 09:51


Does your default dashboard comes up. Because according to my knowledge there is no issues with IE-8 and Dashboard.

If your default dashboard comes up well, it issue with the query you must have used in widget.xml. Actually that can also

be discriminated further, if you were adding component while creating dashboard and once done did that appeared.

In case if default dashboard comes up then will you be able to modify the query in your widget.xml file with some default

query to check that it comes. Did you send a screenshot of the browser while accessing the dashboard. Or have looked

at the console for portalserver when you access the dashboard or at the same time checked the bpmportal.log file for same.

If you could see any error at that point.



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