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Posted by ramkumar7800 on 15-May-2011 09:31


I have created one bizlogic process and in the pre/post scripts of this process I am calling Db adapter whose code is written in java.I am using "jdbc/SBMCommonDB"

jndi to getConnection() from datasource.In EJB server logs an SQLException is coming like "Cannot call setAutoCommit(true) for datasource which is part of global transaction" although I am not using setAutoCommit(true) in entire java code.

I am using Pramati server for SBM and I changed the jndi for db call as "jdbc/SBMCommonDBXA" but still same problem persists although this jndi is present in EJB server not in Portal server.So I created it in pramati Portal server but same exception is coming.

Please suggest a way in which this problem can be resolved.

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Posted by ramkumar7800 on 15-May-2011 22:52

Hi Arnold,

I am not able to understand your reply language.Please reply in English.


Ram Sharma

Posted by sandips on 28-May-2011 06:08

Hi Ram,

This is a product defect RPM00026233. Which is scheduled to get addressed in future release.



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