How to use buttons in savvion api

Posted by ramkumar7800 on 28-May-2011 05:02


I have created forms in my application and using Save,reset,Cancel buttons provided from BPMStudio but these buttons are not functioning as per name suggested.On click of save button save operation does not happening in dataslot values.Is there any way to do that?


Ram Sharma

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Posted by sandips on 28-May-2011 06:04

Hi Ram,

I have tested a simple bizlogic application on SBM 7.6(232) build. All the operations are working as expected. You may send me your problematic application to further investigate.



Posted by ramkumar7800 on 29-May-2011 05:56

Hi Sandeep,

I am using Savvvion 7.5.2 with pramati server not 7.6.

Posted by sandips on 29-May-2011 07:05

Hi Ram,

I will test on SBM7.5.2.

I would request you to open up a support workrequest which would be convinient for tracking and speedy investigation.



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