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Posted by postjohannes on 03-Jun-2011 04:18

Hi today,

We are using Subversion for storing our Savvion project. Subversion makes the ".svn" directory structure in each folder. The .svn folders are also on the server after deploying. Is this a problem? And isn't there a ignore list for deploying. I prefer not to have the .svn folders on the server.


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Posted by Wouter Dupré on 03-Jun-2011 04:22


Thank you for your email. I'm currently out of the office. I will return on June 6. During my absence I will have limited access to email. For urgent matters, call our office, leave a message on my voice mail or contact Gary Calcott (gcalcott@progress.com).

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Posted by sjejurkar on 03-Jun-2011 07:36

We are on SBM 7.0 SP2 with Pramati app server. We use CVS and after deployment CVS folders are copied to the server but it has never posed a problem.

Posted by sandips on 03-Jun-2011 08:03

Hi Sameer,

It should NOT create any issues.



Posted by sjejurkar on 03-Jun-2011 08:09


I was replying to Johannes Post's original question. I agree that it does not create any issues.


Posted by postjohannes on 06-Jun-2011 06:48


But when I'm deploying I get this message:

File C:\savvion\BPMStudio761\workspaces\WycorInvoiceApproval\CommonResourcesInvoiceApproval\.svn\all-wcprops is not mapped . Mapped directories are WycorInvoiceApproval/CommonResourcesInvoiceApproval

.. (and some more folders) ..

Maybe this is because the first deployment I did I hadn't put my work in SVN...

And then still there is my second question: is it possible to exclude/ignore files/folder in the build/deployment script?


Posted by tvaradze on 09-Jun-2011 15:30

Try to modify dir.map file that defines where different folders are deployed and add


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