Create instance of deployed process using WS call

Posted by hirenpatel on 24-Jun-2011 05:03

I need to create  process instance of deployed Bizlogic process through Webservice.

I am using Customws.jws and invoke  the method  createInstance(String username, String password, String processTemplate, String origin).

Here I need to know parameter origin is stands for what purpose and how to deal with it?

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Posted by vivekraj on 01-Jul-2011 02:12


please use bizlogic2 web service as given below

BizLogic2 web service as given below in dotnet code .

WorkFlowWS_StringDSValuesClient bl2 = new WorkFlowWS_StringDSValuesClient();

string seesionid = bl2.connect("ebms", "ebms");

WFWorkSteptemplate WFWSTemplate = new WFWorkSteptemplate();

WFWSTemplate = bl2.getStartWorkStepTemplate(seesionid,


WFDataSlotTemplate[] WFds = null;

WFds = bl2.getWorkStepTemplateDataSlots(seesionid,


for (int i = 0; i


WFDataSlotTemplate s = WFds[i];

switch (


case "dsNewEntryBecauseOf":

s.value =

"Documentation P... ";




bl2.createProcessInstance(seesionid, "PTname", "fromBL2", "low", WFds);

All the process instances are inbox driven ,each row in the inbox is identified by a id (wiid)(workintsance ID).
Based on the wiid , the can get the associated dataslots which are exposed in the workstep

bizlogic2.WFDataSlotinstance[] WFDsIstance = client.getWorkItemDataSlotsFromWIID(sessionId.Text, 26219);

once we get the array of dataslot instances we can loop it through and initialize the values of each Dataslot
complete the workitem using client.completeWorkItemFromWIID(sessionId.Text, 25995, WFDsIstance);

          for (int i = 0; i


              bizlogic2.WFDataSlotinstance s = WFDsIstance[i];


              switch (


      case "Keywords":

          s.type = "STRING";

          s.value = "0";




client.completeWorkItemFromWIID(sessionId.Text, 25995, WFDsIstance);


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