Favorites in Clustered Environment

Posted by ramkumar7800 on 11-May-2011 01:21


I have created favourites links by sbm super user "ebms"  and they are working fine.But how these favourites linkes work in clustered environment where node address changes and entire URL change happens?How can favourite link work in clustered envronment?

What is difference between horizontal and vertical clusters in savvion?

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Posted by sjejurkar on 11-May-2011 09:14

You can use relative URLs instead of absolute URLs for creating favorites link. That way the new URL requested is for the same server you are logged into.

Posted by prakashharisharma on 23-Jul-2011 04:26

Hi Ram,

Use Load Balancer URL instead of node's IP+Port

for example


Now load balancer will take care of managing sessions.

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