Automate Next Available Task in BPM portal based on load fac

Posted by hirenpatel on 25-Jul-2011 06:34

looking for solution for following scenario.
When performer of the workstep is  defined as anymember of group  then workitem is available to all member of group and any one from group who does next available task then
Task is going to assigned to him.
Now in Above scenario, can I do some configuration in BPM portal so that whenever instance is created then it  automatically getting assigned to any one member of that group
randomly based on the parameter like load factor.
For example, there is 10 user in the group .system create the instance and instance will assigned to any one of these 10 user  who has least  number of   instance has assigned .

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Posted by ramkumar7800 on 26-Jul-2011 07:11

Hi Hiren,

It is product default feature that when task is assigned to group or queue then it goes to available bucket of all users of that group/queue.When some user pulls from available bucket then it is assigned to tha user.

In COM framework by progress there is business accelerator named "Intelligent Work Allocation(IWA)" that has capability to assign certain task to all members of group on the basis of load balancing.


Ram Sharma

Posted by hirenpatel on 26-Jul-2011 07:39

Hi Ram,

Thanks for your valuable response.

But i can not understand where is this COM framework  available in savvion and how to use  business accelerator  IWA.

Please provide me more information in details on it.

Thanks and Regards

Hiren Patel

Posted by ramkumar7800 on 27-Jul-2011 06:39

Hi Hiren,

The COM framework is seperate framework like Savvion and you can achieve it from progress.Basically it is designed for telecom domain.

Deploy it on system with business accelerators.


Ram Sharma

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