How To Rollback A Process ??

Posted by prakashharisharma on 23-Jul-2011 04:18


If a user complete or remove a process by mistake from my task or my instances.

Please suggest How to rollback this action so process can avail in old status.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by DannyGeerts on 23-Jul-2011 04:21

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Posted by prakashharisharma on 23-Jul-2011 04:29

Hi Danny,

Please reply in English.

Posted by vivekraj on 28-Jul-2011 02:40

Hi ,

if a process needs to be rollbacked just suspend it

if a work step needs to be rollbacked then,

follow the below steps :

create a compensatory flow:

create rollback point and define the dataslot which needs to be rollbacked.

the initial DS values snapshot is taken and is refered to rollback the DS

Rollback is not supported for an XML dataslot

Vivek Raj

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