jars and sbmjndi.properties not updated properly after WebSp

Posted by nking on 17-Aug-2011 12:36

A customer performed a WebSphere cluster install of SBM 7.6.1, the cluster tool ran successfully without error, however, after the installation was complete, we discovered that blclient.jar was not updated to the $WEB-INF\lib and also we noticed that sbmjndi.properties was not updated with the cluster information as well.
Both of those issues have been fixed manually and they have moved forward, however, the customer would like to know WHY it occurred and how to avoid it in the future.

I need to know:
1)  Has anyone encountered this behavior before during testing (I don't see any associated tickets from support)
2) (More of a question for development)... when, exactly, in the clustering process does blclient.jar get pushed to the WEB-INF\lib and the sbmjndi.properties get updated?  This will allow to better understand at what point the failure occurred.

Perhaps i'm missing something obvious, but manually updating these files is not necessary and since I can't see any errors in the logs (and something obviously failed)...  this just looks bad.

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Posted by Wouter Dupré on 17-Aug-2011 12:40


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