Need to properly shutdown Savvion?

Posted by Admin on 13-Sep-2011 18:02

I'm running Savvion for development in a VMware workstation, using Windows 2008 as the guest OS and (still) using in Oracle Express DB as the backend, Savvion started from the first steps console. Sometimes when I shutdown my host PC I don't remember to properly shutdown all services runnning inside the VM. I just power off the VMware machine.

I know this is not the best practice, but is there actually something to worry about? So far nothing serious happened to the machine :-)

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Posted by gus on 14-Sep-2011 08:40

I usually suspend my VM's so I don't have to wait so long when I satrt them up again.

Posted by Admin on 14-Sep-2011 08:56

I've had issues with SBM in those suspend situations. It became unreachable over the network. So I got used to rebooting it

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