Get current user and session in a process template

Posted by andres.diaz on 11-Oct-2011 11:45


I am new in this Savvion platform, and i am developing a new process template to be deployed to the bpm portal, part of the requirements need that i have the current user, loged into the portal, then handle a session for this, my guess is that portal already must have an object or a variable from where i can get the current user and also have a live session object, for the user i tried using bizSite.getCurrentUser() but this only works for bizsolo apps, can anyone tell me how to get the user in a process template?

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Posted by pvora on 20-Oct-2011 02:38

You can use bizsite.getCurrentUser() in the JSP code but this requires user logged in. This works in Bizlogic as well.

If this do not work, please send me your BL Template.



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