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Posted by ral16 on 30-Sep-2011 15:35

When connecting to the server using the deployment wizard in the Savvion studio 7.61 it is getting any error: A server error "service 'urn:SBMDeploy' unknown" has occurred. What is causing this and how is it able to be fixed?


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Posted by sngo on 30-Sep-2011 16:23

Perhaps this is a license issue.  Can you verify that you are able to login into the SBM portal?

Posted by ral16 on 03-Oct-2011 07:55

Yes, can login to the SBM Portal.

Posted by ttalboom on 03-Oct-2011 07:57

Dear reader, I have no access to email on October 3rd and 4th I will get back to you on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011.

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Posted by pvora on 20-Oct-2011 02:41

Can you verify sbm logs under SBM_HOME\logs for any error thrown?

Can you provide the deployment URL you are using?

If error are found in logs, send the logs for review?



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