7.6 Product Overview/Release Notes

Posted by dhamilton@nyiso.com on 27-Oct-2011 13:00

We are looking to upgrade from 7.5.2 to 7.6. I cannot find any information online as to what has actually changed/been upgraded.

Can you send me the product overview sheet or release notes so I can provide justification to my IT department?

Thank you

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Posted by vivekraj on 27-Oct-2011 23:42

Hi ,

With every release there is a release note which is released ,this would give the updates of each release .

Attached is the BPM Studio release notes

Similarly we would have the release notes for SBM 7.6.1

Posted by Admin on 30-Oct-2011 23:34

Please find the attached Release Notes for SBM 7.6 and SBM 7.6.1 for your reference.

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