Timeout when importing users-groups into BPM Studio

Posted by fwy on 23-Nov-2011 12:47

One of our BPM test environments is located on a remote server machine with very slow access from local BPM Studio clients.  When attempting to import users and groups into Studio using the User Management tool (Tools menu -> Users), some users receive a dialog box with the message:

Error occurred during this operation; nested exception is: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

I am reasonably certain this is a true time-out, given that some Studio users can complete the import successfully.

While such slow access is clearly unsuitable for production deployment, I would nevertheless like to know if there is a way to configure a time-out limit, number of retries, and so on, for connections to the SBM web services from remote clients in order to accommodate slow network speeds.  I have not found any relevant configuration setting in the Studio environment, and did not even see one on the SBM server where all the Savvion configuration files are deployed.  There seem to be configurable timeout limits for unused sessions, but not client connections.


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