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Posted by nking on 02-Dec-2011 11:14

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A customer is attempting to specify a date/time when a workstep should become activated.  They have attempted to use a DATE dataslot with the "Activate on" functionality, however, if the date dataslot changes value (after the workstep is in activation_wait), that change does not reflect in the workstep "activate on" time (it's not dynamic, the value is only picked up when the workstep is first encountered).

I understand that the above is the designed behavior, however, the customer requires that any subsequent changes to the dataslot value be reflected in the "Activate on" time in the workstep.  I know that there is a BizLogic API call that can modify the activation time of the workstep, however, triggering that API to be called for *any* dataslot value change seems to be a challenge.  I expect we can do this in BizPulse, however, do we have a "best practice" example rule that will trigger on ANY value change of a specific dataslot?  The dataslot value may change via S_UPDATED, but it appears that the value can change in many other types of Events as well...

Any assistance anyone can provide would be helpful.

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Posted by nking on 16-Dec-2011 14:24

In case someone else need this... I wrote a rule to accomplish this:

application testdynamicactivation
rule module testdynamicactivation_rules

group testdynamicactivation
    rule testdynamicactivation
    activated by EVT_1 of BizLogic::PI_DATASLOTSSET{PROCESSTEMPLATENAME : "testdynamicactivation"}
        val blServer = getBLServer();
        val session = getBLSession();
        val pi = blServer.getProcessInstance(session, EVT_1.PROCESSINSTANCENAME);
        val wsi = pi.getWorkStepInstance("Activity");
        val dateds = cast(~com.savvion.sbm.bizlogic.server.svo.DateTime) pi.getDataSlotValue("ActivationDateTime");
        val dateLong= dateds.getTime();
        if (dateLong>~java.lang.System::currentTimeMillis()){

Note that it only captures "PI_DATASLOTSET" which is fine assuming the dataslot updates only come from the "dataslot view" in the portal.  If the dataslot updates come from an API call or through a dataslot change in a workstep, the problem becomes increasingly complex.

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