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Posted by Admin on 26-Dec-2011 06:35

I would like to obtain a CUSTOMER_ID from database to use in a web application form flow as a dataslot value. The AdapletDemo sample shipped with the product relies on a callback and intended to display database contents in a tabular view. Is there an easier way to get a primitive value into a dataslot?

Many thanks in advance. Viatcheslav Turkin.

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Posted by Wouter Dupré on 26-Dec-2011 06:39


Thank you for your email. Currently I'm out of the office. I will return on January 3. During my absence I will have no/limited access access to email. For urgent matters, call me on my mobile and leave a message, call our office, or contact Gary Calcott (gcalcott@progress.com).

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Dear reader, I have limited access to email from December 23rd 2011 until January 7th, 2012. In urgent cases, please leave a voicemail on +31 61855 32 62 and I will get back to you.

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Posted by apingat on 02-Jan-2012 04:17


You could try using an "Advanced Widget Control".

That way you can specify the bindings to particular dataslots in the widget properties.



Posted by Admin on 02-Jan-2012 22:11


Thank you for your relpy.

Is ''Advanced Widget Control" some element found in Advanced Controls Tas k pane or is it a third-party component, like dojo widgets, that must be inserted into Savvion?

Kind regards, Viatcheslav.

Posted by Admin on 02-Jan-2012 22:18

After some experiments I found that it is possble to return a primitive value from database by means of output parameter of a stored  procedure. It is important to have a dataslot whith the same name as the return variable registered for DBAdapter adaplet. In this case the mapping between the variable and a dataslot takes place automatically.


Posted by aasawari on 03-Jan-2012 01:03

Hello Viatcheslav,

Form Editor in BPM Studio supports advanced controls and are accessible from the Advanced Controls panel of the
Controls link in the Form Editor. Advanced controls are like basic controls with additional benefits given below :

1. They can be bound to a service, which returns JSON formatted data

2. Advanced validation framework

3. Better presentation effects

4. Advanced event handling

For more information on same, please refer section : 'Defining Advanced Controls' of BPM Studio User's Guide.

Hope this information helps you.

Kind Regards,


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