Does Savvion Product Family has PSDN License,too?

Posted by servodata_kaan on 02-Feb-2012 03:11


Does Savvion Product Family has PSDN License,too? or not?



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Posted by servodata_kaan on 03-Feb-2012 09:28

No, there is no Savvion PSDN License exists.


1.   What products are included in the PSDN SDK for 2010?
For 2010, the PSDN SDK includes OpenEdge Release 10, SonicMQ Professional Developer Edition, Sonic Integration Workbench, OpenEdge (formerly Fathom) Management, and OpenEdge (formerly Fathom) Replication Plus. The PSDN SDK keeps pace with the latest releases of its software through periodic shipments of new releases and Service Packs.

The following products are included as part of the SDK:
OpenEdge Release 10 development and deployment products on all active platforms
OpenEdge Studio (includes WebSpeed Workshop, ProVision, Progress Dynamics, Progress Toolkit and Open Client Toolkit), 4GL Development System, Translation Manager, Visual Translator, OpenEdge RDBMS (Personal, Workgroup, and Enterprise), OpenEdge Architect, OpenEdge Application Server (Basic and Enterprise), DataServers, WebClient, NameServer Load Balancer, OpenEdge (formerly Fathom) Management and OpenEdge (formerly Fathom) Replication Plus
SonicMQ® Professional Developer Edition and Sonic Integration Workbench
With PSDN Subscriptions, you receive automatic software updates to the PSDN SDK as new product releases become available throughout the year. The PSDN SDK includes electronic copies of all documentation for the included products. Please refer to the PSDN Subscriptions Levels and Features Overview on for more details.

Sonic Integration Workbench is only available on Windows-based platforms. Deployment components of Sonic are NOT included in the PSDN SDK.

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