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Posted by prakashharisharma on 07-Mar-2012 05:42

Hi All,

I am looking solution for below scnerio : -

There are two queues 'Operator' and 'Verifier' and a single user 'ebms' is the member of both queues.

If user 'ebms' was a performer in previous workstep , He should not be able to assign process in his bucket.

In Other words operator can not verify same instance he created, but a operator may be a verifier and he can verify other's instance.

Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance.

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Posted by sandips on 07-Mar-2012 09:24

Hello Prakash,

Please confirm your issue what I have understood.


Start-->Activitiy 1(performer:Operator)-->Activity 2(performer:Verifier)--End

Here if user ebms is creating an instance, he will be the performer of Activity 1. Further , you dont want user ebms to be verifier of the same instance he created.



Posted by sandips on 07-Mar-2012 09:32

Hello Prakash,

Suggestion: In such case you cannot have Queue: Verifier as a performer of Activity 2. You need to have Any member of value of dataslot.

You need to fetch  queue members,remove the user "ebms" and set the dataslot value with commo separated for e.g "user1, user2, ebms" using User Management and SVO APIs in custom adapter just before Activity 2.

Hope it helps.



Posted by prakashharisharma on 12-Mar-2012 07:27

Thanks Sandip

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