Is there an out-of-the-box solution to prevent manual proces

Posted by Admin on 06-Mar-2012 01:40


We are developing a demo solution with a process invoking some external subprocesses. These subprocesses must not be invoked by human performers. Is it possible to hide such process from users in portal?

Kind regards, Viatcheslav Turkin.

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Posted by sandips on 06-Mar-2012 02:22

Hello Viatcheslav,

In such case, there is a Group property for ProcessTemplate. You need to right click on the Business Process Template Editor containing subprocess template to set group. Only members of this group will be able to see the applications under Application tab in portal and can create ProcessInstance.



Posted by Admin on 11-Mar-2012 01:02


Thank you for your reply. I managed to implement the solution, but that required me to temporarily replace caller-process Creator dataslot value with the one wich belongs to a group that's able to view subprocesses. That looks like a workaround from my perspective. Could you explain the meaning of Process Type and Executable properties of a process model available in BPM Studio? Can they help us to come to a cleaner solution?

Kind regards, Viatcheslav.

Posted by sandips on 12-Mar-2012 07:34

Hello Viatcheslav,

If “ProcessType” is “BusinessProcess”, then events will be generated for that process and report tables will be populated.  However, if  “System Process” is specified, then only PT creation events are populated and not individual PI events.

Regarding executable attribute, I am checking with Development team and will update you as soon as posisble.

However, I dont think these properties will of help to fulfill your requirement.



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