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Posted by MatthiasCoenen on 12-Mar-2012 02:40


We are trying to build a search engine in Savvion.

When you click on search button it opens a popup screen. You get all the input fields of the search engine.

It connects to our database gives a x number of records in the popup.

Then we want to be able to select a record and tranfer the data to our input fields on the orginal screen(where the search was enabled).

Does anyone developed something like this?

Can we use your code or help to assist us to develop this kind of application?

Kind regards,

Matthias Coenen

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Posted by sandips on 12-Mar-2012 06:13

Hello Matthias,

There are several exposed out of box SBM APIs through which you can search and fetch the Business data per your input parameters.Kindly refer $SBM_HOME\docs\api\index.htm. In case you have questions/concerns on the APIs , please feel free to post here or open a  case with Support Team.

However, regarding your requirement, custom implement is undertaken by our Professional Services Team, You may wish to contact our Professional services as they might have already implemented for our other customers.



Posted by MatthiasCoenen on 13-Mar-2012 11:06

Hello Sandip,

Who do you mean with 'Professional Services Team'? Can I get the contact data?

Also the API's you're referring to isn't what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for an application that a customer can use to search. (a finished searching tool)

Also is it possible to at a searching tool to the portal?

Like: I want every instance with 'instanceName1'

Kind regards


Posted by Wouter Dupré on 13-Mar-2012 11:11


Thank you for your email. Currently I'm out of the office. I will return on March 14. During my absence I will have no/limited access to email. For urgent matters, call our office, or contact Gary Calcott (

Kind regards,



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