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Posted by fwy on 22-Mar-2012 16:25

We have many processes that are activated by XML messages sent by an external system, and received-consumed by BizPulse scripts as XML events.  However, after some testing I have a few questions about the event capabilities of BizPulse.

1. Can XMLEvents received from external sources be correlated (that is, processed in combination) as BizLogic events can?

2. Once an XMLEvent has been processed by a BizPulse rule, is it always discarded automatically or is it ever necessary to use the discard(<event>) command to discard it?

3. If two BizPulse rules are deployed that process the same XMLEvent, typically with different process templates, do both rules always fire when the event is received?  Or is it possible to discard the event after the first rule fires so that the second rule will not?



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