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Posted by KoenB on 20-Mar-2012 06:31


We get an error when we try to deploy our application because we use 'to much' dataslots. But the problem is we cannot use less dataslots.

Is there a posibility to change the limit of 32000 ...

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Posted by sandips on 20-Mar-2012 06:38

To fix the error, below steps needs to be followed,

1. Stop all servers (application server and sbm servers).
2. Increase record-size value for the database type chosen during Savvion Business Manager installation.
3. To increase the record size restriction, modify the "record-size" attribute from 32000 to a greater value as shown below in DatabaseMapping.xml file located under SBM_HOME/conf/resources/common.



4. DatabaseMapping.xml file should be modified on all savvion business manager cluster nodes in cluster environment.
5.  Restart all the servers and try deploying the application again.

Posted by bartcrommen on 04-Apr-2012 04:53

Hi all,

We got a new deployment error. Each time I want to deploy our BizLogic I get this error ( look @ attached png )

Then we deploy the BizLogic again and then it works,  but we don't get our emails and our automation complete steps doesn't work anymore...

Someone knows this error???

Thanks in advance,


Posted by sandips on 04-Apr-2012 05:01

Hi Bart,

Please check and also send bizlogic.log file under SBM_HOME\logs directory. Also, let me know if its happening with all or with a particular application ?



Posted by KoenB on 04-Apr-2012 05:07


Here is the bizlogic ( attachement )

We have the problem with our main process when we try to reinstall it.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by sandips on 04-Apr-2012 05:52

Hello Koen,

Below exception is seen in bizlogic logs. Seems that the Removal of PT did not update the ProcessTemplate Cache due to unknown reason at this moment. As a workaround, could you  first uninstall that Problematic application either through BPM Portal or through bizlogicadmin and then attempt to re-install the application. I am further investigating and will update you soon.


[#¦ 04 apr 2012 11:47:43,283 ¦ BizLogic ¦ ERROR ¦ ejbServer ¦ BizLogic ¦ (3715):Application with the name already exist so could not be created.; context(ProcessControl.updateAppName) ¦ WorkerThread#0[] ¦#]
java.lang.RuntimeException: Current Stack Trace:
at com.savvion.sbm.util.SBMException.prepMessage(Unknown Source)
at com.savvion.sbm.bizlogic.util.BizLogicException.(Unknown Source)
at com.savvion.sbm.bizlogic.server.ProcessControl.updateAppName(Unknown Source)



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