How can I skip all worksteps in a branch when all work in a

Posted by Admin on 12-Apr-2012 07:31


Savvion BPM Studion provides a possibility to conditionally skip worksteps. This allows to skip individual worksteps. How can I skip all succeeding steps from any point of that branch?

Kind regards, Viatcheslav Turkin.

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Posted by sandips on 12-Apr-2012 08:00

Hello Viatcheslav Turkin,

Workteps are skippable only when it exist in the system either through APIs or through BPM Portal.

In your case, the succeeding worksteps you wish to skip does not exist in the system as the process flow has not reached those workstep to create worksteps.



Posted by Admin on 12-Apr-2012 08:33


Thank you. Is there any common practice to solve the "interdependent branches" problem, i.e. if one of the braches completes all (some of) the others MUST NOT execute their worksteps? The problem with XOR gateway is that it only allows one exit, which means if one branch completes and work goes through XOR gateway all ther other branches will continue till they reach their last worksteps.

Kind regards, Viatcheslav.

Posted by sandips on 12-Apr-2012 08:42

Hello Viatcheslav,

It would be great if you could provide your .spt along file so that I can have better visibility what you wish to implement ?



Posted by Admin on 14-Apr-2012 05:30


I understand that there is a possibilty to achieve this requirement by using descision/skip conditions based on boolean dataslots. My question is rather a question of product imrovement/optimization. Each step in a branch consumes resources. For example, request to a credit history bureau costs about 40$, which adds up to thousands dollars a day for a mid-size financial organization.  I can imagine a lot of worksteps processed in vain, consuming system resources, because the task has been accomplished by a parallel branch and XOR gateway logic does not recognize this scenario, allowing all the branches to complete. From technical perspective, XOR implements "first completed is the only one to get out" logic. Its quite natural to skip all unactivated steps should processing reach XOR gateway.

Kind regards, Viatcheslav Turkin.

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