How to change DB Password ??

Posted by prakashharisharma on 17-Apr-2012 01:53


We have to change DB Password.

Could you please suggest how to do this activity ?


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Posted by aasawari on 17-Apr-2012 02:12

Hello Pankaj,

From SBM side, to update the database password, you must change the password in the following files:



However, you will also need to update the files application server side. Let me know the app server used at your end so that I can assist you further.

Kind Regards,


Posted by prakashharisharma on 17-Apr-2012 02:17

Hi Aasawari,

appreciate your prompt reply .

We are using pramati server.

Could you please name the files which need to be changed.




Posted by aasawari on 17-Apr-2012 05:21

Hello Pankaj,

The following are the files and their locations that needs to be updated to change the Database Password for Pramati application server:


    * -resource-config.xml

    3.$SBM_HOME\pramati\server\nodes\ejbnode1\config      // if cluster setup
    4.$SBM_HOME\pramati\server\nodes\jmsnode1\config    // if cluster setup
    5. $SBM_HOME\cluster\conf\sbm-cluster.xml                // if cluster setup. 

Please note once all these files (SBM side as well as application server side) are modified, run the "updateSBM.cmd" command from $SBM_HOME\bin location.

Let me know if this information helps you.

NOTE : Please verify the above on Test setup first before implementing on Praduction setup.

Kind Regards,


Posted by prakashharisharma on 18-Apr-2012 06:02

Hi Aasawari,

Its working fne...

Thank you so much 



Posted by rakesh.alw on 20-Apr-2012 08:40

Run the DB Config tool

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