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Posted by KoenB on 25-May-2012 10:54

Hi all,

I'm trying to connect from an external BizSolo to a BizLogic application to change dataslot data etc.

I can do this with the code below:


            Session session= bls.connect(login, ww);
            ProcessInstance pi = bls.getProcessInstance(session, ProcessID);


In this way I can connect to the BizLogic, when I know the ProcessID. Our problem is we don't know the ProcessID , we do know the EIID.

Is there a way to get the ProcessInstance from this EIID?

Kind Regards,


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Posted by ral16 on 25-May-2012 10:56

I will be out of the office till Tues. May 29, if you need immediate please email one of the following groups.

EUC help - email EUC

BPM/Workflow help = EUT-BPM Team



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