Where can I find a list of enhancements from Savvion v7.0.2

Posted by mrjameswright on 05-Sep-2012 13:41

Where can I find a list of enhancements from Savvion v7.0 to Savvion 7.6.3? I need to be able to justify to management why we should upgrade.

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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 06-Sep-2012 00:57

Hello James,

The key enhancements are:

     1. Support for newer releases of third party products (database, application server).

     2. Support for i18n.

     3. A richer experience on BPM Portal - including Advanced Search functionality on the Tasks page.

     4. A more maintainable hybrid and custom User Management realms through separation of dependent classes from core functionality.

Please note: Savvion suite of Products version 7.6.4 is now available for download as well.

Key benefit of this release: You can run the full installer of 7.6.4 instead and migrate your data and applications to this version directly instead of an upgrade to 7.6.1, and subsequent servicepack updates to 7.6.3 and 7.6.4.

I am attaching herewith the ReleaseNotes for all three releases for your reference.

Hope you find this information helpful.

Thank you,


Posted by mrjameswright on 06-Sep-2012 11:19

Thank you for your reply Karthikeyan.

Originally, a consultant said that the upgrade to 7.6.3 would speed up development. I have the BPM studio installed for both versions, but I do not see any features that would speed up development. Could you please outline any features in 7.6.3 that would speed up development?
About our systems:
                Savvion BPM (only BizLogics and BizSolos)
                Oracle DB
                Weblogic App Server
                Red Hat OS

Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 07-Sep-2012 01:35

Hello James,

Some of the features in BPM Studio 7.6.x (not found in 7.0.x) are as follows:

1. Tabular View for creating a process.

2. Simulation - more robust, and greatly enhanced from 7.0.x. 7.6.x has a separate "perspective" for Simulation.

3. Enhancements to Form Editor. New "Service Designer" tool and "Advanced Controls in Form Editor".

4. Can export process templates to XPDL.

5. Can configure process deployment targets as needed, from within BPM Studio.

6. Support for Gestures - for repeatedly used operations.

Thank  you,


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