Common project, add method in a java class

Posted by akhela on 19-Sep-2012 10:52


I'm having a issue with a java class in a Common project.

If I add a method to the class, when I call it in my bizsolo, it doesn't exist!!!

In this class I have three old methds, e this new method,

when I debug my bizsolo call, the object of my class have only three methods

the strange thing is tha the new method is identical to another of the existing method (only the name change!)

Could anyone help me?



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Posted by sandips on 19-Sep-2012 11:10

Hello Fede,

Make sure you do not have multiple copies of class files which does not contains the newly added method.  Search for the class files in SBM_HOME installation directory  and ensure it is correct version(containing the newly added methods etc). Ideally, it should be present under web-inf\lib in jar format or under web-inf\classes in exploded format.



Posted by akhela on 20-Sep-2012 10:06

thanks a lot Sandip!

I solved

Best regards


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