Simultaneous access to same report with different parameter

Posted by akhela on 02-Oct-2012 03:44

I'm having a problem with my web application using jasper report.
When two user print the same report simultaneously, but with different parameters, both user see the same result!
One user should see result = A with his parameters (1, 2, 3 ).
other user should see result= B with his parameters (4, 5, 6)
both user see A!
Jasper report server runs on Pramati web server , seems like concurrent access is not processed

Anyone have seen something like this?!?
thanks in advance for your help

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Posted by aasawari on 02-Oct-2012 05:43

Hi Federico,

We have not seen such issues reported with accessing / executing jasper reports before by our other customers. However, could you please check the log file if you observe any errors / messages in it. You should be able to get them in bpmportal.log file located under $SBM_HOME\logs.

NOTE : You may need to enable 'Debug' for portal to get more detail messages logged into the log file. In order to get these modify below parameter in conf files located under $SBM_HOME\.

log4j.category.Portal=debug,Portal.File  // sbmlog.conf

bizlogic.debug.engine=true                    // bizlogic.conf

Please restart all servers for changes to take effect.

I was also going through online forums on this issue and found out some BUG#s on similar lines. Could you please refer to below links for more information on same :

Let me know if this information was helpful.

- Aasawari

Posted by akhela on 02-Oct-2012 06:47

Hi Aasawari,

I don't have any error, it looks like working fine,

the problem is that two people run same report (notaspese.jrxml) simultaneosly from their browser, and the files created in the server has the same name "notaspese1297853083.pdf", and the last overwrite the first!

The numeric part of the report name rappresents the numeric format of Unix date time rappresentation. Then two reports made in the same instant have the same name!!!

Is it possible to change dinamicaly the litteral part of the report name?!

notaspese_USER_1_1297853083.pdf and notaspese_USER_2_1297853083.pdf

where the part USER_1 and USER_2 depends by the user who run the report?



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